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ERC Resource & Referral, Inc., d/b/a Child Care Aware® of Eastern Kansas, supports policies that:

  • Recognize parents as their child’s first and most important teacher.
  • Connect families with resources in their community that support their child’s development.
  • Promote high-quality child care in every setting, including family child care, center-based care, preschools, Head Start and license-exempt programs.
  • Encourage families to build strong partnerships with their child care provider.
  • Give families child care options that are accessible, affordable and of high quality.
  • Empower families to advocate for the needs of their child(ren) and family.

We continue to dialogue with legislators regarding the importance of the above for all Kansas families.

K-12 Education

Studies show that early childhood programs are the BEST way to support improved academic outcomes in K-12. Children who participate in high-quality early childhood education programs are far more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn, read at grade level by third grade, and graduate from high school or even college. (Gormley et al, 2005; Belfield et al, 2006; Barnett & Masse, 2007)

Brain Development

Ninety percent of a child’s brain development occurs before age 5. High-quality early childhood services reach children during a crucial period when foundational brain architecture is formed and experience shapes social competency, cognitive ability and mental health. (Mustard, 2008)

Return on Investment

Decades of research have shown that for every $1 invested in high-quality early childhood programs, society will save $7 down the road in the form of reduced demand on the social welfare system, decreased juvenile crime and improved participation in the economy. (Calman & Tarr-Whelan, 2005)

Action & Information Center

We encourage you to visit the Kansas Action for Children website, where you can find and sign up to receive information on children's issues that they are passionate about. It is easy to be involved and to receive the information you need to make informed decisions on child care issues.

State Regulations

Kansas is ranked number three overall in the United States for child care center program requirements and oversight. State child care licensing requirements govern health, safety and learning opportunities for children. State oversight requirements monitor compliance with state policies. In most states, current state child care center program requirements and oversight do little to protect the health and safety of children or to promote school success. To learn more about how Kansas ranks in the nation, visit the Child Care Aware® of America website for the most up-to-date information.


To view key legislation that is affecting children and families, background issues related to child care, federal legislative terms and key Senate and House Committees, visit Child Care Aware® of America's Public Policy Page for up-to-date information on the issues that concern you.

State Policy

Kansas Action for Children (KAC) influences public policy that provides Kansas children with the opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. In their work to improve the lives of Kansas children and their families, KAC focuses on both state and federal policy issues in the areas of health, education and economic stability. Click here to read more about the Children’s Initiatives Fund and other key issues important in our state.

Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy is an attempt to influence public policy in a way that brings about legislative action or change. When you’re passionate about an issue and ready to take action, it’s important to understand the legislative process, to be strategic in the relationships you develop, and to utilize methods that effectively communicate your position or cause. An advocacy toolkit is your "one-stop-shop" for taking action to strengthen child care policies.

Make sure you are equipped with the resources necessary to work toward safe, quality, affordable child care for our nation's children. Are you ready to learn more about how you can effectively advocate on children's issues? Download the KAC's Intro to Advocacy Guide and access more advocacy resources from Child Care Aware® of America .