Play with Me!

Children learn best through play. Print these useful tip cards and have fun with your child!

Blocks (pdf)  Spanish (pdf)
Dramatic (pdf)  Spanish (pdf)
Fine Motor (pdf)  Spanish (pdf)
Outdoor Play (pdf)  Spanish (pdf)

Want more play ideas? Check out these links!

These links have broad appeal covering a variety of skills and learning for early childhood development. Early Childhood

PLAY WITH ME! - Play equals Learning
A child who is playing is learning to experience a new world. Playing fosters a child's separate identity from their parents. It can be observed in many forms: building with blocks, making believe, exploring the outdoors, and developing fine motor skills. When there's play, there's wonderful growth and activity in the brain.

Play With Me activity cards [pdf]
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LITERACY LINKS - Reading Is Important! - ¡La Lectura Es Importante!

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